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The co-owners of The Ski Lift – Rich, Mike, Cabell, and Chini have a vision for people all around the world to come together to ski and ride. The rideshare came first; we want people to meet and share rides up to the mountain. Everyone can save on gas, reduce pollution and congestion, and sometimes you just need a car that can make it. The most important thing is that you can make friends with common interests. This year, we are even more focused on building a community. You can share knowledge and get insight on powder stashes and gear. You can even make deals happen to get rid of your old stuff or find something that’s new to you.

…And Then

Mike and Chini are taking care of the web development and design. Both are accomplished in their own right. Mike runs a renewable energy start-up in Boulder that is developing an atmospheric static electricity conversion system.

Chini is a happy code-monkey and novelist. She also plays rollerderby, and her Derby name is “Dot Product.” This comes from the fact that she likes math and is a Dot kinda Indian.

And a couple of transplanted east-coasters, Rich and Cabell, work on the marketing and operations side. Cabell is a lawyer in Denver, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. He’s mostly worked for environmental and renewable energy non-profits, and he’s excited by the potential carpooling has to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Cabell currently reviews foreclosures to make sure the bank servicer didn’t make errors that hurt the borrower. And as another law school graduate, Rich currently works reviewing foreclosures with Cabell. He also serves as a business consultant for a wide array of diverse clients ranging from a gem and mineral retail company to a high-end construction firm.

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