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You know what really grinds my gears? The way CDOT closes Eisenhower Tunnel for 20 minutes at a time on the way back from the Summit County. Coming back from Vail last week at 7:00 pm after a serious powder day, hundreds and hundreds of cars were backed up behind the Tunnel. The worst part about it was that cars had to stop dead and everyone was getting stuck. The whole thing turned into an obstacle course passing Geos and Dodge Stratuses. I even saw a couple Subarus overheating in the middle of the road. To me, it seems like the better solution is to just let people keep moving so they don’t get stuck going up the mountain (with the caveat that CDOT has to let the HazMat vehicles through at the top of the hour). Traffic backs up two miles past the Tunnel anyway. And I know the deeper problem is too many cars on the road. We’re working on that. But for now, leave the Tunnel open please.


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  1. Deke says: October 17, 2012

    They also leave the chain law up when the road is not just clear of snow, but changed colors to grey dry, the whole way over…and that can’t be good for the roads.

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