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1- Don’t tell your boss that you’re going to ski because it’s going to be an epic powder day. Even if they like skiing. Especially if they like skiing. Because if they like skiing, they are going to be so pissed that they are not skiing on this epic powder day and that they might have to do some of your work. So keep it on the D.L. my friends.

2- Don’t fly by the seat of your pants. Prepare in advance. There are actually two parts to this. First, start playing up that ailment that sadly will keep you from work the day before you play hooky. This is free to interpretation. It’s hard to fake a sneeze, but you can definitely start coughing up a lung if you swallow a pepper packet or two. If you’re a stomach bug kind of guy, maybe you bring in some Ipecac. I prefer to save this for emergencies, but if you like drama, there’s nothing more dramatic than yakking during a meeting with the boss. The best option might be to spend a few sporadic twenty minute breaks in the bathroom, so they think you are suffering the Revenge of Montezuma.

Second part is the responsible part. Get your work done the night before if possible. But don’t make it look like you were planning to get all your work done that night.

3- Don’t post your pow-pow-zow pictures on facebook. And don’t try to correct me you Kevin Federline enthusiasts out there. I don’t care what that song was actually called. It sucked and we should never speak of it again. Which brings me to point 4.

4- Don’t talk about the pow day. I am sure it was amazing. Greatest day of your life maybe. But you’re just going to get caught you dummy when you open your big mouth and write a blog piece about it.



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