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The history of the ski goes way back. The oldest discovered skis predate the pyramids. Snowboarding is much more recent. The debate over which style of downhill sport is more fun, safer, faster, easier, or “cooler” is always going on. As to which is more fun, it all depends on the person. In general, skis are capable of faster speeds, and are ideal for bumps and ice. Snowboards generally handle better in deep snow. Boarders fall a lot on the first day, then recover and start to learn faster. Beginning skiers do not fall as often, but take a little more time to start hitting the blue runs.

To me, the answer to which is better lies in both. While I am currently only a skier, but recently i’ve been wanting to rent a board to see what happens. Who knows? Maybe the “other side” is the better side. If you need a challenge, mix it up!

So go hit those slopes ’till the end of the season! (and since we’re mixing things up, might as well grab a bike and keep going through summer)



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